Training programme and transfer of knowledge activities

The network will train 10 ESRs (30 fte years) and 6 ERs (11.5 fte years) in research on production and storage of hydrogen. Training young people in research aimed at realising the hydrogen exconomy is a stated European policy goal. Training is provided in the scientific areas that are associated with the research objectives, with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and intersectorial aspects. It will be based on personalized career development plans to provide the ESRs and ERs with balanced sets of skills and advanced knowledge at the leading edge of science and technology. ESRs and ERs will be trained in a variety of scientific skills, in particular the skills that are needed for their project. The training involves the development of experimental and computational skills, of complementary skills, and of fundamental knowledge through courses. Training will also be offered at network workshops and summer schools organised by the network. The acquired, advanced interdisciplinary skills and research experience, in a research field (hydrogen economy) that is rapidly expanding, will offer the ESRs and ERs excellent opportunities to further their careers, in both industrial and academic settings. If an ESR fellow is in the network for 3 years, the host institute will offer the fellow the possibility of completing and defending a thesis leading to the PhD degree at the host institute. ER fellows will play an important role in ToK activities between the partner labs, and between the industrial and academic partners.