Programme summary

The Hydrogen network brings together leading researchers from different disciplines and sectors with a combined expertise that maximises the chance of achieving scientific breakthroughs in production and storage of hydrogen, while guaranteeing the successful training of a new generation of scientists for tackling scientific problems standing in the way of the hydrogen economy. Training in research on production and storage of hydrogen is important because the realisation of the hydrogen economy will lead to reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced energy security, increased competitiveness of and increased economic growth in Europe. The target of the European Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Platform is to have 1-5 million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on European roads in 2020. To meet this target, we will train new researchers who can help Europe come up with the solutions for production and storage of hydrogen that will make possible cheap, carbon-free production of hydrogen from renewable sources, avoiding further global warming, and will facilitate the efficient use of hydrogen by automobiles.