Multidisciplinarity & overcoming fragmentation

The team of principal investigators (PIs) contains experts with a broad knowledge of hydrogen production (EPFL) and storage (FRI), see also their two recent review papers in Nature [7, 16]. The researchers come from different disciplines (physics, applied physics, chemistry, chemical engineering). The team contains experts in nanoscience (for instance, EPFL, CHA, SHL, FRI) and surface science (for instance, LEI, OXF, UI, DTU). It also contains a combination of theorists (DTU, UI, OXF, and LEI) and experimentalists (CHA, EPFL, WAR, and FRI) that will facilitate the unravelling of molecular scale mechanisms that is widely recognised to be required for real progress. The network also contains two companies (HS, an SME, and SHL) who can take promising methods for production and storage of hydrogen from the lab and perform the development work needed to scale the methods up, and who are potential end-users of discoveries made in the academic labs. Efficient and open connections between the academic partners and the potential industrial users will ensure the rapid and efficient dissemination of new skills and knowledge into an industrial environment.

The Hydrogen project will diminish fragmentation of research on production and storage of hydrogen in Europe. First of all, by defining projects addressing different questions regarding a related topic, the research agendas have already been 'synchronized' within our network, resulting in a focused effort. The research programmes of the participating labs are matched thereby decreasing redundancy of research efforts and improving their efficiency. Results will be shared between the institutes as they evolve. This will reinforce specialization and complementarity among partners. Second, we will coordinate our research and training programme with other European networks working on hydrogen (Hytrain, Nesshy, Hynet, and Storhy). The scientific coordinator of the network has already been in contact with the coordinators of the other networks and agreements have been made that this should be done.